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We buy your used IT-Hardware:

PC Systems Desktop-PC’s. Laptops, Notebooks, Displays

SmartphonesSmartphones, Handys


CPU’s & RAMCPU’s, Memory

Hard DrivesInternal, External

Mainboards etc.Mainboards, Power Supply

About us

Protecting the Future Together

Founded in 2017 as a dealer for used electronics and IT devices, Jurec-IT continually evolved and always takes over other fields of responsibility. With our administrative office based in Landau and our central warehouse in Bad-Dürkheim, we operate worldwide and are pleased by our continuous growth.

We buy used and faulty IT hardware from all around Germany, which is then tested, cleaned and repaired by our specialised staff. Our aim is to achieve a sustainable and resource-friendly handling of used IT devices and as a result we made it our job to recycle as many devices as possible.

In our central warehouse, we give you the opportunity to sell your old hardware, have it repaired directly on-site or have it disposed of, in which case we take care of disposal.



Be it schools, local authorities, banks or computer centres, we buy marketable old devices to be recycled in a targeted manner. We take care of dismantling, collection and transport. We would be glad to buy your old hardware, just get in touch with us.


We collaborate with IT companies around the world and are always on the look out for new partners. Are you interested in refurbished IT hardware? Get in touch.


Article 17 of the new EU General Data Protection Regulations (EU GDPR) requires companies to delete personal data belonging to customers if this information is no longer required or if the person in question, demands for the data to be deleted. According to the GDPR, companies must also prove that the data carrier containing personal information is deleted or destroyed properly. This is where we come into play: we ensure the careful deletion of all data on your storage media such as SSD, hard drives, magnetic tapes, discs etc. We would be delighted to create your own deletion concept for your company and we will ensure the precise implementation thereof. We will provide you with all the necessary certificates, proof of destruction and deletion protocols that you require for the safe deletion of data. We off you absolute safety and transparency. You have the choice of:

Hard Drive Destruction

hard disc destruction safety level according to DIN66399-2 (H5) incl. recording of the serial number


data deletion according to BSI3 with deletion protocol and certificate
Recommended: inexpensive, environmentally friendly, clean, transparent

Video surveillance

constant video surveillance of your goods

Safe Transit

safety in transit


If hardware is no longer needed for reutilisation, you must choose recycling. In this case, we made it our responsibility to find you the cheapest and cleanest option. The recycling of electronics is subject to strict conditions, which are prescribed in the KrwG [Recycling and Waste Management Act] and ElektroG [Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act]. Here, we train and certify our personnel every year. Our waste manager ensures that we are always up-to-date and that we are able to inform you of the newest laws and regulations. Through our contacts and partners in the recycling sector, we will always find the best option for you. Just ask.


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